KU Solar SKY PRO CPC 1800 Solar Thermal collectors combine high efficiency and innovative design to produce more energy.

Designed and manufactured in KU Solars' Italian facilities, SKY PRO CPC 58 1800 Solar Thermal collectors undergo extensive checks to guarantee consistent and reliable performance. The highest quality materials are used to ensure performance. The glass tube is constructed with a double-walled and welded at the end. This technique induces a vacuum within the two glass walls. The internal wall is coated with a recycled multi-layer metallic selective material which maximizes the absorption of the sun's radiation.


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KU Solar Corporation is owned by the AMBROSIA HOLDING, an Italian Company that manufactures solar thermal equipment and commercializes it by its daughter Company UNIVERSAL in the Italian market, and by its daughter Company KU Solar Corporation in the North American market.

KU Solar Corporation Headquarter is located in Wilmington, DE, and products are warehoused in Hamilton, IN. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience of solar thermal equipment. Our core products are the SKY PRO CPC 58 1800 solar thermal collectors, which have received the most important international certifications, including the OG-100 rating from the Solar Ratings & Certification Corporation (SRCC). This certification is required to receive the financial incentives available.

KU Solar Corporation sets itself in the worldwide energy market as a precursor in the use of solar energy in thermo-hydraulic systems, reducing the consumption of traditional sources of energy, whilst respecting and protecting the environment.
We have already manufactured and shipped more than 100,000 systems throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East in hotels, hospitals, commercial office buildings, industrial processes and multifamily residences.

We offer to our customers the best product range, developed using the latest technologies, in order to convert solar energy into the best source, able to satisfy any requirement, without any limit of quantity, application or geographical location.

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