KU Solar SKY PRO CPC 1800 Solar Thermal collectors combine high efficiency and innovative design to produce more energy.

Designed and manufactured in KU Solars' Italian facilities, SKY PRO CPC 58 1800 Solar Thermal collectors undergo extensive checks to guarantee consistent and reliable performance. The highest quality materials are used to ensure performance. The glass tube is constructed with a double-walled and welded at the end. This technique induces a vacuum within the two glass walls. The internal wall is coated with a recycled multi-layer metallic selective material which maximizes the absorption of the sun's radiation.


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The SKY PRO CPC 58 1800 product line is the world's most efficient solar thermal collector!
As an evacuated tube collector, the SKY PRO CPC 58 1800 product line, utilizes a "Sydney Evacuated Tube" design consisting of two glass tubes made from strong borosilicate glass. The outer tube is transparent allowing light rays to pass through with minimal reflection. The inner tube is coated with a special selective coating, CERMET, which enables high solar radiation absorption.
A compound parabolic concentrator, reflector system, is used to harvest diffused irradiation. This high performance design enables the collectors to produces more BTUs/ft² than other evacuated tube or flat plate collectors. The more BTUs produce, the better return on investment.

The heat transfer occurs with a "U" shape copper circuit, which is in contact with aluminum heat conductors that increase the heat exchange area. Each unit is contained in a glass pipe that is connected in parallel to a collector located at the top of the panel and collects the heat transfer fluid flowing in each circuit. The metal frame is electrostatically painted to prevent corrosion. The assembly of the individual components, which make up the structure, takes place using special brackets for simplified interlocking assembly. The profile is designed so to allow the complete "interlocking" assembly of the solar thermal collector. The protective structure of the copper distribution collector is made of electro-colored aluminum and has the same features of the frame: it is fully insulated with ''ISOPLUS'', water resistant and low bio-persistence class 0 (ISO – DIS 1182.2) fire-proof insulation. Low iridescence rolled section (regulations EN 573/3 - EN 485/2 - EN 485/4 and standard test for anodic oxidation DIN 50943) purposely created to reflect with percentages greater than 90% of the total light, taking advantage of the Compound Parabolic Concentrator, reflector system. The collectors are manufactured for performance in efficiency in Italy. Product performance characteristics include:

• "Glass To Glass" Welding (No Vacuum Losses)
• Protected High Performance Selective Coating (Cermet)
• Low Thermal Losses
• Hail Impact Resistance
• Highest Optical Efficiency
• Produces Energy with Minimum Irradiation (CPC)

The product line is offers aesthetic design characteristics and is designed for ease of installation and maintenance.

• .71 inch Ø collector attachments
• Easy change pipe system with the manifold
• High quality clamping

The SKY PRO CPC 58 1800 collectors are come with a 10 year warranty, which covers hail damage of to the evacuated tubes and is available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 tube configurations.

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